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Welcome to MCPAL

MCPAL is a youth crime prevention program that utilizes educational, athletic and recreational activities to create trust and understanding between police officers and Medina County youth. MCPAL helps eliminate the uncertainty of the police uniform, allowing kids to see Police Officers in a new light while fostering positive relationships between kids and law enforcement. MCPAL is working hard to establish that police officers are trusted adults. Youths learn how to be productive citizens, with activities reinforcing good manners, teamwork, and honesty. Children learn to respect the rules of MCPAL which will translate into becoming positive ambassadors of the community.














Recorded on March 4, 2020, this video highlights the mission of MCPAL and the strides we are making to build positive relationships between law enforcement officers and our youth.  MCPAL has been offering county wide youth programming since 2010. We recorded this video to highlight the program's successes. Now, more then ever, the message is so relevant. Medina County Law Enforcement is proud to be making a difference in our community!!

The MCPAL staff and Board of Directors are proud to share this video with you and proud to offer programming in Medina County!

Sheriff Terry Grice
Executive Director


500 kids

13 Schools

-Medina, all 7 elementary schools
-Brunswick, Towslee Elementary 

and Memorial Elementary
-Wadsworth, Lincoln Elementary
-Highland, Granger Elementary 
 and Sharon Elementary
-Cloverleaf Elementary

13 Schools

6 law enforcement Agencies

Montville PD

Brunswick PD

Medina PD

Medina Twp. PD

Medina County Sheriff

Wadsworth PD


6 Law Enforcement Agencies

5 Medina COunty School


Role Models
Staying Active
Creating Trust

Proud Member of

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