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About Us

Bridging The Gap

The MCPAL program brings youth under the supervision and positive influence of law enforcement.  MCPAL expands public awareness about the role of a law enforcement and in turn police officers reinforce positive values and attitudes.

Investing In Our Youth

MCPAL provides Medina County youth a safe and fun after-school activity.  We have programs in 10 schools throughout Medina County, offering twice-weekly after-school programming.  We also have running clubs and a March Madness Basketball League in 7 elementary schools in Medina.  MCPAL, in partnership with the Medina County Sheriff's Office also offers Medina County Law Enforcement Explorer's.   Law Enforcement Exploring is a hand’s on, career-oriented program that gives young adults the opportunity to explore a career in law enforcement.

Our Team Members 


Terry Grice – Sheriff, Medina County Sheriff's Office

Program Director

Rebecca Byrne - Medina County Sheriff's Office


MCPAL Board President

Jim Shields - Medina City Schools


Gabrielle Durbin - RW Corwin & Co. Inc

David Ferrell - MCPAL Board Secretary, Philpott Solutions Group

Jani Groza - MCPAL Board VP, Westfield Group

Craig Hassinger- Seibert- Keck Insurance

Kevin Honcharuk - Medina County Juvenile Court
Christy Rickbrodt - Medina County Health Department

Solange Burch, MCPAL Parent

Christina Thomas-Lewin - Wil-Burt Company



Judge Kevin W. Dunn, Medina Juvenile Court

Medina County Sheriff's Office

Montville Police Department

Brunswick Police Department

Medina County Sheriff's Department

Medina Police Department

Medina Township Police Department

Wadsworth Police Department


Westfield Foundation

FOP Lodge 204


Special thanks to the many officers and volunteers

who help make this possible.

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